Company Profile

Ferretti Lighting has only recently emerged on the US market, even though its parent company, Genex which was founded in 1978 by Antonio Ferretti has been doing business in Italy and abroad for over thirty years.

Over the years, Ferretti Lighting has developed products for a variety of sectors, ranging from lighting fixtures for boats, outdoor spaces, offices, private homes and hotels. The small size of the company means that each project is followed with the same care and high level of attention. In fact, Ferretti Lighting's overall business philosophy, characterized by the one-on-one relationship with architects, designers, and all other clients. It is with this objective in mind that Ferretti Lighting carries out lighting analyses, and customizes products by changing the materials, colors, shapes and strength of light on a case-by-case basis.

Ferretti Lighting is now headed by Michele Colantuoni and Antonio's son, Massimo; but thirty years down the road, the initial enthusiasm and creativity are as strong as ever. Ferretti Lighting's openness to collaborate with its clients to develop new products and adapt them to different markets is a driving force in the company's expansion abroad.

All of Ferretti Lighting's lighting fixtures are high-quality products designed and assembled in Italy. The manufacturing process of Ferretti Lighting's suppliers is always supervised. All pieces are tested for quality-control and are polished and assembled in the Ferretti Lighting main plant in northern Tuscany.

At Ferretti Lighting quality is a must. The company is committed to high-level design, superior materials, advanced technologies and constant care and attention, all of this while striving to develop lighting fixtures that are simple to install and always beautiful.


The Designer: Massimo Ferretti

Harmony and simplicity are at the heart of Massimo Ferretti's work as a designer. His streamlined designs are characterized by intuitive mechanisms and modern forms that contribute to the attractiveness of the entire composition. Ferretti Lighting's products are simple yet expressive, focused on functionality as well as design.

One thing is for sure, all of Ferretti's creations are studied in detail to maximize efficiency while achieving innovative and striking designs. Ferretti Lighting lamps are not just beautiful objects, they are also designed to enhance lighting, improving energy efficiency. Ferretti Lighting and Genex products are durable, stylish and easy to install.

Ferretti Lighting's strength lies in the company's systematic and detailed approach to production. Massimo Ferretti is behind each Ferretti Lighting piece from start to end. He is directly involved in each project's design and development from sketch, to 3D computer graphic, to 2D prototype creation to eventually the manufacturing of each piece by specialized artisans and factories.

So, it is no overstatement to say that Massimo Ferretti's work is central to Ferretti Lighting's success. In many ways the company's focus on quality and careful analysis of all passages of production reflect Massimo Ferretti's personal background and unique approach to design. With no formal training in design, Ferretti is truly a natural. His work achieves formal harmony and technical perfection. Thanks to his awareness, curiosity and creativity he is able to bridge between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Just as Massimo's projects always manage to join function and beauty, they are also always the product of advanced technologies and careful handcrafted work.

Together with his business partner Michele Colantuoni, one of the leading figures in Ferretti Lighting's development, Massimo continues to seek new designs, new technologies, and new markets for their products. Thanks to his early involvement in Genex, Massimo has developed extensive experience with all aspects of the company. Thus, his expertise expands well beyond that of a regular designer, and allows him to easily think outside the box thanks to his refined understanding of lights, lighting technology, lighting fixtures, industrial design and the needs of architects and consumers alike.


Ferretti's Design

Over the years, Massimo has designed a wide range of lighting fixtures, ranging from outdoor custom-made projectors for hotels, to modern yet elegant indoor pendants, to small lights for boats or small environments. This versatility is what has allowed the designer and the company to work on such a broad choice of products. For example, Massimo's more recent creations are largely designed and developed so as to be compatible with LED lights. This is part of a wider effort by Ferretti Lighting to promote more energy efficient technologies. Everybody in the Ferretti Lighting team, starting from Massimo and his business partner, Michele Colantuono, is deeply committed to producing the highest quality lighting fixtures.

Where does Massimo Ferretti's inspiration come from?
“My psychological state is crucial to my designs. I might have the project in my mind for days, weeks, then I sit down and unload all my emotions by expressing my ideas in the form of designs.” Being able to express feelings and impressions in a highly technical blueprint is one of Ferretti's greatest skills. Yet, there is more than just drawing to the development process of Massimo Ferretti's pieces. Materials, for one, are essential. “I always think about how the piece will be made. Is there a mold? Or will it be stamped? I always try to reduce the number of steps needed to produce a piece. All products are finished in our factory so that we can check the quality and make sure that we don't need to correct the design to ensure better products.”

A recent source of inspiration?
Right now Massimo is working on a project that is loosely inspired by the artist Lee Ufan. whose retrospective was exhibited at the Guggenheim in New York this year. The simplicity, yet sharpness of the Korean artist's pieces struck Ferretti. “I was fascinated by his apparently casual, yet extremely precise positioning of different materials, his sense of geometry, his transformed approach to eastern traditional art.”

What makes Ferretti Lighting special?
The company's highly professional approach yet small and efficient structure enables a fluid relationship between design, production and sales. Thanks to the established production system in place at Ferretti Lighting, the communication lines between suppliers, manufacturers, the designer, sales managers and clients are always open. At Ferretti Lighting every member of the team is passionate about providing our clients with the best possible products.

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